Ana Mouwaten Lebnene…

Aug 18, 2020 - Ana mouwaten Lebnene.. 🇱🇧 W akid fi ghayre hek..

I am a Lebanese citizen
And here is my heart
Half of it, Beirut, was wiped in the explosion
The other half left and went to the airport with my friend
So yeah...

أنا مواطن لبناني
و هيدى قلبي
شقفة منو اسما بيروت، راحت بالإنفجار
والثانية، أخدا رفيقي معو على المطار
و هيك...

Lausanne 2020 Infographic

This infographic is part of a project by AISTS students working on a Legacy report for Lausanne 2020. I had the pleasure to collaborate with Barbara Rassi to come up with this result. The design was adopted by the International Olympic Committee as part of the graphics done of Lausanne 2020.

The Torch Race

2018 - The Torch Race is a board game I created with Tony Tarraf through the IOC Young Leaders program. The project's aim is to promote Olympism, Olympic Education and the Olympic Games through play. The project was entirely created by us.

We came up with all the cards which were later on verified by the International Olympic Committee and I did all the branding and Illustrations for the game.

The concept of the game is based on the Torch relay which starts in Greece and go all over the world to finally reach the host country of the Olympic Games. The winner of the game will be the first to lit the cauldron which is located in the center of the spiral. Along the way the players will face different challenges:

  • 45 Challenge A friend cards: A kind of trivia
  • 45 Game Changers: Instructions to follow
  • 18 Action cards: Physical Activity Challenges (Optional)
  • Doping Compartments: The first stop the player will have to wait twice his turn, the second stop, he is banned for life so he has to return to the start position.