Between Sports and Illustration

I find it funny to write about yourself so I’ll put in my own words, I hope you enjoy the tour!

I’m a long jumper who spent most of my life playing in the sandpit, building sand castles and chasing a goal after the other in and off the field of play. I draw and colour for a living, that’s the best job in the world right? I often present it as living as a grade 2 student playing with shapes and colours.

Jokes aside, the road wasn’t easy to be able to combine sports, illustration and design, and journalism in one ultime goal, but I’ve worked hard enough to achieve this. I would love to thank every person who didn’t believe in me because they helped me believe in my self, my skills and chase opportunities.

I’m proud of coming from a country where nothing was easy, Lebanon, and where people keep on smiling and enjoying life and adapting against all odds and despite going through a lot. Sports has shaped my personality, I’m super competitive when challenged.

My current goal is to reach as many different sports as possible through my paintings and designs, to make the sporting world a bit more colourful and cool. So hit me up if you are looking for an illustrator who have the passion to innovate and help you draw a new path in sports. I'm open to freelancing.


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