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I'm an Illustrator and Comic Artist passionate about sports and journalism, seeking to combine the 3 passions in one. I am a Lebanese Long Jumper looking to become the first woman to jump over 6 meters. Sport has shaped my personality, I’m a committed person, an achiever, someone who strives to learn more and acquire more knowledge to further grow my personality and reach my goals.


2012 - Graduated from College Maristes Champville

2012-2015: Bachelor degree in Illustration and Comics at Academie Libanaise des Beaux Arts (ALBA)

2015-present: Masters degree in Illustration and Comics (My masters project and research are about Arab Women in sports): you can read the comic here


The Olympic Games and the Media: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona - Summer 2014
This course analyzes the intersection between the Olympic Games and the media and how television and other media contribute to fund, shape and disseminate the major sporting spectacle in the world: the Olympic Games.

Photography Basics and Beyond: From Smartphone to DSLR Specialization: Michigan State University - Fall 2019

IOC Athletes MOOC: The International Olympic Committee offers free online courses for athletes. I also contributed in their new platform trials and participated in group feedbacks for the imporvement of the platform.

  • Smarter Eating for Better Performance
  • Can Champions Be Made?
  • Athlete Career Transition
  • Knowledge is Golden
  • The Winning Mindest


WORK EXPERIENCE - Illustration & Graphic

Freelancer since 2014

  • Internship in CBD, Cirrus Brass Design February 2014: Advertising and Branding entreprise.
  • Part-timer with LAU - MarCom in Graphic and Illustration, October 2017 - April 2019
  • Part-time Graphic Designer for Genius Map - IG Square, November 2017 - February 2017
  • Freelance Illustrator with Edition Kedemos, February 2017 - May 2017
  • Caustik: Storyboard and Illustrations for Skoon animation.
  • Cliche VFX: Storyboard for a dental clinic campaign.
  • Dove ad: Storyboard for PLUGGEDMGMT a producation company based in spain.
  • Shampoo Design WLink: Collaboration with Art Director Ziad Sabbagh for a freelance Shampoo Design project.
  • Maskoon Fantastic Film Festival: Illustrator at the Maskoon Fantastic Film Festival for three editions: 2016, 2017 & 2018.
  • KARRENN: Graphic Motion videos for KARRENN Social Media campaign.
  • Halim Naddaf Construction: Branding Identity for Halim Naddaf Construction
  • Shawarmanji: Storyboard for an animated ad.
  • JWT project for Maaden: Illustrations for Ramadan and Fitr Animation.
  • Interesting Times: Story boards for real estate
  • El Paseo Spanish Restaurent Re-Branding


WORK & EXPERIENCE - Media & Sports

Owner of The Track and Field Society  (www.tfs.ucoz.com) 2009 - present: At the age of 16, I decided to create a website to cover Athletics in Lebanon. In 2016 it became a social platform on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. 

IOC Young Reporter for the Youth Olympic Games Nanjing 2014, August 2014: The IOC has chosen 4 Young Reporters from each continent to take part in the Young Reporters Program, a Media training for young journalists in 5 different fields: Social Media, Profile Writing, Web Writing, Broadcast and Photography.

Sports Editor at Sports 961 (www.sports-961.com) September 2014 - February 2017: Right after the IOC Young Reporters program, a new sports website in Lebanon contacted me to be part of their team. The website covers all kind of sports in Lebanon through Articles, Social Media and Video Reports.

Women and Sports Media Workshop: Two days in April 2015: After the coverage of the Youth Olympic Games, the IOC invited me to give a speech at the Women and Sports Media workshop, that was targeting the Asian, Pacific and African countries, and to share my experience as a young journalist. The workshop was divided into speaches, interactive talks, and working groups in Arabic, French or English. I chose the Arabic work-group because my aim is to make a change in the Arab World.

Reporter at the Youth Winter Olympic Games Lillehammer 2016: I went to Norway to cover the first few days of the Winter Youth Olympic Games. I interviewed the Lebanese athletes for Sports 961.

IOA Young Participants Program 2016: at the International Olympic Academy in Greece, June 2016: The IOA is located in Ancient Olympia, where the first Olympic Games were held. We had the opportunity to talk about different subjects related to Olympism and the Olympic Games:
Main subject: “Olympism as an effective tool for development and sustainability”
Special subject: “Olympic Values-based learning as an effective tool for environmental protection”.
We were divided into discussion groups after each lecture where we developed a subject and presented it during the last days of the CycleCheck out my experience here.

President of the International Youth Federation: (May 2016-November 2018) www.iyfweb.orgThe International Youth Federation (IYF), is an international non-profit youth organizations network governed by the present Statutes and the Swiss Civil Code. It is neutral politically, and non-denominational, aim to empowering youth worldwide.

Track and Field Society TV Show: I was asked by Tele Lumiere, a local TV channel, to do a TV show about athletics. Therefore, I started in May 2016, my first TV Show and I decided to name it after my website “The Track and Field Society"  where I interview Lebanese Champions in Athletics for 30 mins. I ended the show right after the Olympic Games in Rio 2016.

Sports Reporter at the 31st Summer Olympic Games Rio 2016: I covered the Games for the company I am working for Sports 961, through articles, photography and video reports. It was a unique experience to cover the biggest sporting event on the planet.

Member of the Lebanese Olympic Cultural and Educational commission, Since September 2017.

Conference on "Arab Women at the Olympic Games and their Impact on Society": Organized by the Culture and Academy Commission of the Lebanese Olympic Committee. I was one of the two speakers and my topic was the participation of Arab women at the Olympic Games. 

Race Commentator at Beirut Marathon Association: Women's Race 2017, 2018  and Youth Race 2016.

Member of the IOC Communication Commission since 2019

Asian Athletics Championship, April 2019, Social Media coverage, photography and video interviews for Track and Field Society and part of the Media Development Program of the IAAF, now World Athletics.

World Athletics Championship, October 2019, Social Media coverage, photography and video interviews for Track and Field Society and part of the Media Development Program of the IAAF, now World Athletics.

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe Aftereffect
  • Microsoft Office
  • Photography
  • Drawing / Sketching
  • Video Editing
  • 2D Animation
  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • Address: Lebanon, Metn, Dik El Mehdi
  • E-mail: christelsaneh@gmail.com
  • Mob: (+961) 71 32 48 47

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